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DANNON ART project: A Living Studio

January 26, 2012

DANNON ART project

Lawrence Arts Center
940 New Hamshire
Lawrence, KS

Exhibition dates: January 23 – March 3, 2012

Opening Reception: Friday, January 27, 2012, 5-9 pm
Closing Reception: Friday, February 24, 2012, 5-9 pm

Rex Hausmann will be creating a painting on the second floor at the Lawrence Arts
Center January 23 – 27. At the completion of his painting, this temporary studio
will handed over to a series of artists who will create new works, each leaving their
works on display.  Over the course of five weeks this space transforms into a
melody of styles and mediums creating an exhibit that will only exist this one time.

Audiences are encouraged to visit the space beginning January 23 – March 3.

This project will be held in the North end, on the second floor of the Lawrence Arts

Rex Hausemann lives and works as a full-time artist in San Antonio and New York
City. Hausmann earned a BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and
Design. He has worked on projects both nationally and internationally and has
shown and lectured globally. His work and large projects often revolve around
identities found in communal and domestic contexts, tracing their connections
to religion and history.

Artist Note:
Dannon Art Supply/ Consulting/ Production/ Promotion/ Encouragement/
… heck,the story of a creative life in mid America! (With a Whole Lot of Friends)

An installation/exhibition by a Creative Community, in motion.

The idea behind this project is simple: exposing an artistic community to an
audience for the audience to enjoy & participate. Much like Sol Lewitt had his
wall drawings, people instead of lines create a mesh of relationships,
metaphysically through e mails, phone calls. Eventually personal contact& a
physical object creates a totem of the persons visit. The process is open to
enterprising, yet simple boundaries exists: keep your voice within the specified
space of The Lawrence Arts Center. The small space will begin to look like a small
store, full of a verity of things for sale, with the space taking on the life of a studio
too. The space itself & individual voices will direct the exhibition itself. The
experience’s existence will changing every day. This a metaphor for the art of
creative community, the people we surround ourselves with, the people we as
human interact with on a daily basis & the trials & joys that come along with those

Dannon Art Project at Lawrence Arts Center

sponsored by:

b.a.l.m. beauty, art and life movement

as part of:

Final Fridays Events Lawrence, KS

| beauty, art and life movement
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balm is a non profit organization working on 501-3C Status.
If you or an organization or business would like to donate funds, time or
other resources to further art and artists in Lawrence, KS and throughout
the country please send any correspondence to us or donate by clicking the
link below.

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Crepe Collaboration with Art “La douceur de vivre a Paris au Printemps” Sunday Brunch 4/25/10

April 24, 2010

After a serious hiatus, we are going to have a Sunday Brunch gathering!

Enjoy crepes, quiches & coffee, Parisian style while sharing about artistic endeavors,
past and present. Please bring a fresh fruit or sweet (strawberries, bananas,
chocolate hazelnut spread, yogurt, jam) to go with crepes, a salad or a beverage
you think one might find in Paris in the spring! Darin has photos from his trip to
share as well,and Debra has an open studio where she dyes & felts with wools and
silks, so feel free to bring a piece for promotion or feedback.  Merci!

Crepe and cafe brunch at Cafe Benjamin - Paris, France March 2010

You can view the invite on facebook below to rsvp, or see our SUNDAY BRUNCH
page for contact information to let us know you are coming.


Confessions of a Garage, Hospital, Studio Artist

May 12, 2008

My former studio space has a new tenant!

Artist’s like to share their work with people, but sharing can take on multiple meanings in the day to day life and space an artist inhabits.  Does your garage double as your studio and share space with bicycles, cars, and household necessities like mine does?  I organize a garage sale each year to militantly protect my precious territory from ever encroaching outgrown children’s equipment that threatens my art space.  My husband has graciously offered to make me movable walls for my studio to make my space seem separate and serene.  May they expand and not contract.  My former studio, which is now inhabited by my son now doubles as a guestroom complete with bunkbeds and CARS comforters.  Guests must love children.  I have also enjoyed participating in an open studio painting class at the Lawrence Arts Center from Louis Copt to stay connected with other artists while motivating myself toward deadlines.  I must function in multiple working capacities to maintain my artistic life, but I am not willing to “let it go”.  Give it up for the right reason or for a short time, maybe, but not just let it go…  This creative life is something worth keeping and sharing.  Sharing in a variety of ways, as mentioned above.

PRAYER CHAIN papercuts by Shannon White 2008

MAHATMA CADEN leftover tempera on construction paper by Shannon White 2007

Last year my son was in the hospital for a third of the year, so I had to be satisfied with sketching in my sketchbook, using his leftover tempera paint on construction paper to paint his portrait off of his palette during hospital craft time, scavenging and drawing on the backs of slightly used disposable hospital gowns, and finally letting Henri Matisse’s and Peter Callesen’s paper cuts inspire me to make my first small scale installation work out of construction paper.  The theme and title for this installation was SIMPLE MEDIUM, and it already had its first showing.  I am still transferring the year’s small sketches into large paintings and bodies of work, into finished drawings, multiple completed series, and finally beginning to show them.  These challenges have inspired me to innovate, to expand my visual vocabulary to reflect recent experiences, to keep creating, expressing and sharing.  I have three group shows in the next few months (KS, CO & Bleeker Street, NY), work in an Oklahoma gallery, a portrait I am finishing and am hoping to have some solo shows, soon.   The past year was worth its weight in paint and relationships, shared time and space.  In tight spaces and seemingly hopeless places, vision can thrive.  The intensity of emotion, the condensation of concept, the urgency of expression can increase in these pressurized environments.  Capsules of life emerge.  Records of personal culture, inner turmoil, everyday life, the hope we hold onto surface and vitrify to be kept and read like cuneiform tablets preserved through fires.  This very difficult process is how we determine what is truly worth keeping and sharing.  May you all keep creating, living and sharing from whatever environment is available to us at the time.

FOUR FIGURES IN THE FIRE papercuts by Shannon White 2008

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