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balm “destination” postcards & baker’s anniversary show

November 15, 2007

Show Opening Friday, Nov. 16th, 5-8 p.m.

Art Affair Gallery, 7th & High St, Baldwin, KS

BALM artists & Baker’s Anniversary Show

Beautiful pieces by area artists in all price ranges for gift giving.   Other featured artists include Karen Jacks, Vernon Brecha, Heather Smith Jones, Darin White, Jane Flanders,  Shannon White, D. S. Dunlap, Sam Wagner, Anh Sawyer…  Continue the conversation we began at the original “destination” original art postcard gathering with us.   Please ask questions, as artists love to talk about their artwork. 

View art postcards from other artists and exhibits online to understand the whimsical history and ideas behind “art as postcard”.  The concept celebrates personal voice, the beauty of handmade gifts, accessible artwork in matters of scale and economy, art as visual communication and thought provoking and what is more fun than the idea that one can theoretically or actually put a stamp on a gift and mail the original expression — no styrofoam peanuts, standing in long lines at the post office, reams of giftwrap, issue with wrong size or repeat gift — simple and thoughtful.   If you are truly inspired, then you can make your own art card as well and send or give yours to a friend.


Call For Entries – BALM Destination Postcard Show – Art Affair Gallery

October 12, 2007

BALM is pleased to announce its call for entries for the Destination Postcard Show, which will be showing in the Art Affair Gallery in Baldwin, KS in mid November.  Entries will be judged and chosen on interest, aesthetics, creativity and quality.  Postcards must represent a Destination theme, however this is interpreted.  Postcards should remain in the realm of 4″ x 6″ and may be two sided.   

Postcards can be mailed or dropped off and must arrive BEFORE Saturday November 9th, 2007. 
We will limit entries as required.  Please enter no more than 3 postcards.  The gallery is requiring all work must be for sale.  If we already have your postcard, please let us know if you want it included for sale and what the price will be.  Please remember that your price must include the 40% amount that the gallery requires. 

We will announce the show opening date and reception at a future time.  Please contact us with questions at email or phone

Below is the original postcard for the desitation gathering.


destination gathering postcard images

April 3, 2007

here are some of the postcard art images that were produced for the destination gathering.  they started conversations about where we may end up, the tracks of certain lives, the journey of an artist, beckoning of an afterlife, telling people’s stories as ways to evaluate our relationships and possible outcomes, common pasts, diverse and similar interests, celebrating creative and relational living, artistic trends as foretelling a culture’s future, and the list extends far into the horizon.  the discussion was one of curiosity and affirmation.  we only touched on each topic, and would like to hear more from the artists on them.  some of the images have poems, descriptions or other text on the back of the image, many almost as intriguing as the front.  if this is the case it is (or will be) posted below the image.  all images and content are copyrighted by the artist and have been used reproduced with permission.  all pieces cannot be reproduced without the artist’s written consent.  we are also looking for opportunities to show this entire series of work (several pieces are not shown).   contact us at if you are interested in purchasing an image, reproducing an image, or you want to display this work.  we will work with the artists.  this would be a great traveling show.  serious inquiries only please.

 balm d1 figure 1

















destination gathering recap

March 31, 2007

we want to thank all those who were able to attend this last gathering.  despite the ku loss, we had a great turnout.  we are even more convinced how important it is to connect with and encourage each other in our creative endeavors.  thank you for a wonderful discussion.  a great big thank you to debra for all of her hard work, amazing food and drink,  and the use of her beautiful (and amazingly artful) house.  she is going to have to watch that i don’t run off with her dishinger painting.  the post card images were amazing, and we appreciate all who either brought or mailed cards.  we will post images of the postcards today or tomorrow.  we are looking at varying venues for these cards, and hope to have a traveling exhibit of the work. 

balm d1

balm d2

balm d3 

there are a few announcements from various paricipants that we wanted to bring to your attention.  we encourage you to support each by attending if interested different venues of a persons creative work.  marc is going to have a short film showing soon in the kc area, here is a link to the dates and details legacyinfo .  shannon & i had an oklahoma gallery  come by and pick up some work the other day, so of course we don’t expect those around here can make it the distance, but we were thankful for the opportunity.   if you want some free exposure,  send us your art website links and other information so that we can all be aware of what is going on locally with you and your work, or send us your announcement. 

balm d4 

balm d5


destination gathering

March 12, 2007

destination gathering-

balm is ready for our next event! this time the theme is a destination gathering. we are looking for creative post cards based on a destination theme to be produced to show at the gathering. the postcards can be mailed or brought with you to the event. we would love if you sent postcards even if you can’t make the gathering. i know we have a writer sending one from france! standard postcard parameters are 4″ x 6″ typically. any medium is encouraged. this project will be especially challenging to those who are not visual artists. poetry, photos, sheet music, a cd, fabric, ect. think outside the box. we would also request that you bring hors d’oeuvres in addition to the postcard art as admission. we hate to limit this event, but it seems we may as we have so many people interested in attending. please let us know as soon as you can if you are coming as we are going to send out actual postcards invitations, and don’t want to send them if you unable to attend, or you are not able to send a postcard. unfortunately space is limited. we look forward to another gathering for continued connections, creative mingling & more artsy profusions.

destination gathering

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