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“The New Old San Antonio: Tales From the Little Big Town” Exhibition and Events

April 15, 2011
Press Release
For Immediate Release:

The New Old San Antonio:
Tales from The Little Big Town

April 29-June 17, 2011
Lawrence Arts Center
, 940 New Hampshire Street 

This exhibition features the works of 33 artists with deep roots from San Antonio who are in various stages of their careers, from emerging artists to well-established artists with works in museum collections. Produced and curated by Rex Hausmann of the San Antonio, Texas studio program,
Hausmann Millworks: A Creative Community, and Darin M. White of the Lawrence art collective b.a.l.m. (beauty, art and life movement), The New Old San Antonio builds upon a budding visual arts connection between the two cities that began with 2009’s The White Show, and is presented in memory of Chuck Ramirez & Marcia Gygli King.

Image: A large portion of the artists from “The Little Big Town” by Hausmann Millworks – Photo Credit: ©2011 Ansen Seale

The New Old San Antonio gathers responses artists who share what they love so dearly: their home town, artists, and art, creating a collection of work that any city would be proud to call their own. The show presents intimate conversations among the revered and established and the new and emerging.

Artist Images: Top Left Clockwise: Jimmy James Canales, still from The Maria Experiment performance, Louis Vega Trevino, Heeled, Rolando Briseno, Heart Tablescape, Jayne Lawrence, Nuture/Nature, Jimmy Kuehnle, still from Make It Look Rich performance

Public Programs

Insight Lecture Series:
The Directors Talk | The Making of the Little Big Town

April 21, 7-8 PM
Lawrence Arts Center, 940 New Hampshire Street

A lecture with the b.a.l.m. and Hausmann Millworks directors on the process and curation of the Little Big Town Series of events

Make It Look Rich: An interactive performance by Jimmy Kuehnle
April 29, 5:30-6:50 PM
Spencer Museum of Art , 1301 Mississippi Street
Make It Look Rich is a mobile, interactive, and engaging public art performance by Jimmy Kuehnle. Kuehnle will don a large inflatable suit, beginning his performance on the Museum’s lawn and continuing down the hill through the streets to downtown Lawrence.

Panel Discussion: “The Beautiful Life: Looking at Life and Perspectives on Creativity, Sideways”
April 29, 7-8pm
Hobbs Taylor Lofts, 8
th & New Hampshire

In her downtown loft, Spencer Museum of Art Director Saralyn Reece Hardy will host a discussion fresh from CAM (Contemporary Art Month) in San Antonio, Texas, regarding the subject of artistic involvement and integration into society as a whole. Four artists/directors will speak about their work, ideas on contemporary art-making and marketing, and their curatorial work both nationally and internationally.

Artist List:
David Alcantar
David Almaguer
Arturo Almeida
Joseph Alamendares
Fernando Andrade
Avi Avalos
Kim Bishop
Rolando Briseño
Victoria Campbell
Jimmy James Canales
Danville Chadbourne
Jonathan Cowan
John Davis
Bill FitzGibbons
Aaron Hans Forland
Mark Gelatt
Larry Graeber
Jimmy Kuehnle
Marilyn Lanfear
Jayne Lawrence
Pedro Lujan
Kyle Martin
Jung Hee Mun
Chuck Ramirez
Kevin Rayhons
Ángel Rodríguez-Díaz
Morgan Santander
Ansen Seale
Ethel Shipton
Russell Stephenson
Gary Sweeney
Louis Vega Treviño
Marc Weigand

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