b.a.l.m. anthropoi art exhibition

September 21, 2010

Coming off the inaugural event of Final Fridays there are great expectations
for this months opening. There was a fabulous turn out and response to this event
and we are hoping for sustained success in promoting art and artists and
introducing those who may not be aware of the variety and depth of
contemporary art to a little taste.  b.a.l.m. produced the August show
TRANS•parent TRANS•lucent which was able to bring some
good reviews, publicity and awareness for the Final Friday events.

Opening in conjunction with the Lawrence, Kansas Final Fridays
b.a.l.m. announces anthropoi – a group exhibit about how artist view people
curated by Darin M. White a beauty, art and life movement production.

Please join us this Friday September 24th, 2010 for the opening reception
at the 739 Mass Street Flash Space from 5-10pm.  Join us at 5pm for a special
appearance and collective work, and we also are looking forward to hosting a
variety of art collectives in the first hour of the opening.

Show dates are from Sept. 24th- Oct. 22nd by appointment.

Artists exhibited in the show include:

Ben Ahlvers, Rob Allen, TR Ericsson, Jason T. Clark, Larry Graeber, Duane Hilburn,
Akiko Jackson, Lacey Lewis, Don Lisy, Jung Hee Mun, Dave Root, Nicolette Ross,
Frank Shopen, Betsy Timmer, Dave Van Hee, GF Sam Wagner, Jay Walker and
Shannon White.
Front Image: cropped examples of a variety of the artists works.

balm email

balm is a non profit organization working on 501-3C Status.
If you or an organization would like to donate funds, time or other resources
to further art and artists in Lawrence, KS and throughout the country please
send any correspondence to the addresses in the signature.


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  2. […] are some other shows that I curated for the 739 Mass St. Flash Space.  b.a.l.m. anthopoi exhibition which had a good news article written up.Below is an image from the show opening with my […]

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