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WHITE SHOW Opens in San Antonio, TX March 6th, 2010

February 28, 2010

After beginning at in Lawrence, KS, the WHITE SHOW opens in San Antonio, TX March 6th, 2010.  This event coincides with and is listed as a part of CONTEMPORARY ART MONTH, San Antonio’s perennial festival and Luminaria Arts Night.  This will be a great time to launch the contemporary works of WHITE SHOW artists in a another venue, Hausmann Millworks Gallery, in collaboration with other galleries, and art organizations.

Hausmann press release reads as follows:

“What is White?

Is white the way a human eye sees light? Is this five letter English word the containment of the entire color spectrum? Perhaps it is political or racial… memories, objects, impressions, subtle texture, dramatic variances the color white is a fully loaded word. White as an adjective attracts multiple interpretations. The WHITE show aims to explore all of the above.

The WHITE show began in Lawrence, Kansas and has traveled to San Antonio, Texas for its second debut as part of Contemporary Art Month. The show comprises 43 artists from 19 US States and Istanbul Turkey. The show includes established artists such as Rolando Briseno, TR Ericsson, Jon Keith Swindell, Stephen Johnson, and David Parker to name a few, and many emerging artists like Jimmy James Canales and Ardan Ozmenoglu.

Organized by b.a.l.m. in Lawrence, Kansas, the show was originally juried by Samuel W. Kho and and then further juried in San Antonio by Hausmann Millworks, we present to you the WHITE SHOW.”

Artists: TR Ericsson, Rolando Briseno, Darin M. White, Ben Ahlvers, Betty Wright, Jimmy James Canales, Jada Schumacher, Josh Willis, Lance Cheney, Larry Cole, Rex Hausmann, Ardan Ozmenoglu, Jane Flanders, K. Hawkom Thomas, Sunny Belliston-Taylor, Leah Busch, Gary Bradley, Dennis Brown, Maura Schaffer, Jon Keith Swindell, James Cook, Paul Nielsen, Ian Colon, Meg Mitchell, Betsy Timmer, Dori Lewman, Keith Lemley, Barbara Simcoe, Susan Foley, Cricket Brooks, Barry Osbourn, Evan Conley, GF Wagner, Kristin Morland, Jay Walker, Shannon White, Vincent Leandro, Jeanne Lyons-Butler, Josh Jalbert, Don Lisy, Stephen Johnson, Matthew Farley, Blake Wilkinson, David Parker

An WHITE SHOW exhibition catalog is on its way from the complete and original exhibition b.a.l.m. presented at SIGNS OF LIFE GALLERY, Lawrence, KS.  We will make the catalog available as soon as possible.  If you or your organization would be interested in sponsoring this catalog, let us know as we believe you will be proud to be associated.  We were grateful to report approximately $5200 worth of artists’ work sold at this KS show and we are thankful for everyone’s help, patronage, partnership and participation in the show.   A few of the pieces sold will not travel, and the variety of artists and works was pared down to fit the gallery space in San Antonio.  Each show will take on a slightly different look and feel as it travels. Thank you for taking this journey with us!

And now we are off to Texas…

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