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Marc Havener – A film maker’s time in Hollywood – An Invitation for: ‘On the Set of 21 (and other Hollywood movies)’ March 30th, 2008 at 8 P.M.

March 28, 2008

At first glance, Marc Havener is just another nice Kansas boy, who is tall and thin with curly brown hair and some hip glasses.  He likes to have a pint down at Free Marc HavenerState now and again, and is just as comfortable with crowds or silence.  He is steady and calm with a sincere since of humor.  You might wonder what his thoughts are as sometimes they are revealed slowly and somewhat methodically and with deliberate voice and wisdom.  I noticed upon coming back from LA to the rolling hills of North Eastern Kansas how he grew up a little bit, and his laugh which was so pervasive ten years earlier was a little more reserved to be released.  Mark has been on a journey from the time he left.  A path that led him from Kansas Univeristy in Lawrence, Kansas, to Los Angeles, California, to knock on the doors of the film valley and search for a job in a field of dreams.  He became a barista at a local Westwood coffee shop, where a customer he got to know opened up the door to working on a movie set for “Ride With The Devil” right back in Kansas City.   


Since then, he has worked on over 20 films in the last 10 years.  This Friday March 28th will see the newest released film ’21’ on which he worked.  The film which is based on the true story and the book “Bringing Down The House,” about the MIT students who learned to count cards in Las Vegas.  Slightly over a year ago he spent a month in Las Vegas working on 21, a Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey film.  A few other movies that he worked on as a Set Production Assistant were “Thirteen Days,”  “Pirates of the Caribbean,”  “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” and “Fun with Dick and Jane.”  When asked in a soon to be published interview about how college had prepaired him for working in the film industry, part of Marc’s reply really resonated with me.  He said,  “…I also took full advantage of the fact that it was a liberal arts degree and thoroughly enjoyed getting exposed to all sorts of subjects such as writing, business, and East African Geography.   Drawing 1 was a huge struggle for me due to my lack of drawing skills.  But my teacher, Prof Roger Shimomura, hung in there with me and taught me how to “see,” which has continued to benefit my shot compostion.  Those classes, and others, opened me up to new experiences that have all applied to my filmmaking, be it as a storyteller, an artist or a business owner. ” 


Recently, Marc moved back to the Midwest to raise his family with his wife Jenea.  He is also working as the Creative Director for a company he created called Resonate Pictures, “focusing on character driven documentaries following stories that resonate with the human spirit.”  His interest is to produce documentories using the artistic eye that was cultured throught this time and the knowlege and hands on experience he received while in LA.  His business has also been producing corporate ethics training videos in a mockumentory style.  His creative eye, wit and wisdom will help him to succeed at yet another adventure.


The University of Kansas Film School will host Marc on Sunday March 30th at 8pm in Oldfather Studios located at 1621 W. 9th St in Lawrence, KS. 
Marc will be speaking on his time in LA and the day-to-day operations on a movie set from the production staff’s point of view.

21 Justin, John and Marc 

B.A.L.M would encourage anyone to come, but especially if they have an interest in art and film. 
See information about the presentation below.  Contact us with any questions.

21 Promo Piece and Resonate

Resonate Pictures House Image
Resonate Pictures Text

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