New Gathering?

September 28, 2007

We need your assistance.  We are looking for suggestions for a new Gathering in October.


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  1. I will take the first step. It seems prudent to take advantage of the Lawrence Art Walk-Oct 27-29. We could do it later in the afternoon on Saturday then gather for coffee or potluck at my house.

    I, also, would like to see a calendar developed with upcoming events (i.e. Hope Lawrence Oct 6-13th).

    Looking back to art school days, various lectures/demos of various mediums/crafts was always invigorating and inspiring even if it was not directly related to my respective expression of choice. I have spoken to a few artist who are willing give demos in their studio and I would like to see a schedule of committed demos on the BALM site.

    Another desire is to see some collaboration: A painter making marks, then a poet responding to the marks, maybe a musician responding the words with his craft.

  2. We happen to know a poet who will be moving to the area, and musicians, painters, sculptors…who would jump at this communitive process. I like this idea. Just kind of creative response chain reaction… Bring your creativity (& food, of course:). Let’s talk about when and where. We also need to find out the exact dates of the postcard show in the Baldwin gallery, so the artists can attend, price their work to sell, and invite others to the opening!!!

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