May 1, 2007


Hola, Amigos y Amigas Artisticos!

You are invited to balm’s WORKS IN PROGRESS GATHERING a la casa del Flanders: 1023 New Jersey St 66044, 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. on May 5th.  The Flanders have graciously volunteered their East Lawrence studio space to host us.  Since the event falls on Cinco de Mayo, we will have festive beverages and plenty of torilla chips with Darin’s fresh salsa and pico de gallo in this very casual setting.  Please bring any bocados y bebidas to share, but most importantly, bring a creative piece you are currently working on or have recently finished that you would like to discuss and a chair to sit on.  This is a studio where people get messy and create.  We have found out there is a gato in residence, as well.

We will announce some exciting developments in booking the traveling postcard exhibit and fresh ideas on that at this gathering.  These shows will display our postcard sized destination themed artwork, front and back, and offer it for sale by the artist if so desired.    It is not too late to enter more postcards, for those of you who would still like to participate.  We have about twenty-five, so far.  If you would like more about how to proceed with you postcard, please visit https://balmorg.wordpress.com/2007/03.

Let’s celebrate our freedom to create! 

Don’t forget to RSVP to d & s at balmorg – at – gmail.com for this Saturday’s WORKS IN PROGRESS GATHERING!




  1. Hey thanks,

    I got the video on youtube…but, I gor it from Marko’s blog…http://www.ysmarko.com/

  2. Just thought you might want to know your feed is doing weird things in Bloglines, telling me there are 10 new posts (the same posts as last time) every time I refresh.

  3. this sounds so great… i would love to check it out sometime (i’ve always had the desire to come check out kansas sooner or later). i hope you keep having them!

  4. Thank you for the birthday wish to Matt; happy birthday yesterday to your son! I hope you gathering was successful; I appreciate the invitation you sent.

  5. […] Our Creativity Jane’s Library Show May 12th, 2007 Jane Flanders who hosted our WORKS IN PROGRESS GATHERING is having a show in the Lawrence Public Library.  The show runs the month of May, 2007.   […]

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