destination gathering recap

March 31, 2007

we want to thank all those who were able to attend this last gathering.  despite the ku loss, we had a great turnout.  we are even more convinced how important it is to connect with and encourage each other in our creative endeavors.  thank you for a wonderful discussion.  a great big thank you to debra for all of her hard work, amazing food and drink,  and the use of her beautiful (and amazingly artful) house.  she is going to have to watch that i don’t run off with her dishinger painting.  the post card images were amazing, and we appreciate all who either brought or mailed cards.  we will post images of the postcards today or tomorrow.  we are looking at varying venues for these cards, and hope to have a traveling exhibit of the work. 

balm d1

balm d2

balm d3 

there are a few announcements from various paricipants that we wanted to bring to your attention.  we encourage you to support each by attending if interested different venues of a persons creative work.  marc is going to have a short film showing soon in the kc area, here is a link to the dates and details legacyinfo .  shannon & i had an oklahoma gallery http://blazonstudio.com  come by and pick up some work the other day, so of course we don’t expect those around here can make it the distance, but we were thankful for the opportunity.   if you want some free exposure,  send us your art website links and other information so that we can all be aware of what is going on locally with you and your work, or send us your announcement. 

balm d4 

balm d5

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