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Creative Dinner Party (Circle Theme) Pics

February 27, 2007

Our staff photographer (ok not really) Gilles graciously sent us some digital images that he took during the Creative Dinner Party.  Merci vraiment ami, Gilles!  

There was amazing circular food, wonderful artwork, excellent conversations, and meaningful exchanges.  There are other events planned in the near future.

We hope that this website will help facilitate communication etc. with each other.  Let us know what is going on.  We really would love some more comments on the blogs, as well as links to connect each other through your websites.  We will try and keep more blogs posted.  We are going to start working on the next gathering, and have it soon.  

D & S

 ele in thought               

   s squared lounging   

  sharm & shanene

  t & k in vouge   

mr. b & jsigns

aj, mr. b, ren, curly & part of shanene                  

 d & forrest                              

   ren, curly, mc, stimpy, bd 

d & shanene in action  



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