creative dinner party

January 24, 2007

Dinner Party Front

Creative Dinner Party Back



  1. Thanks for all who were able to attend! We had a great time, and were encouraged by the connections made. We plan to continue more events in the near future. Please keep in touch!

  2. again, we still have the http://balmorg.blogspot.com site and here are some comments from this site. thanks, balm


    f o r r e s t said…

    we hope to make it.
    9:44 PM
    dwhitey said…

    that would be awesome. we should have quite a turnout! i can’t wait to see what types of food, as well as types of art will show up. i asked gilles (from france) to bring some of his writings. he is for sure bring some music. we will have quite a variety of artists. poets, musicians, painters, sculptors, lighting consultant, graphic artists, videographer, another architect (woah) i think he is building with hay bricks right now, oh yea a sculptor and printer.

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